Pure PTFE Packing

Pure PTFE Packing is braided of Pure PTFE yarn with lubrication. Designed for valves and lower shaft speed application under medial pressure in food processing, pharmaceuticals, mining, paper mills, fiber plants where high purity and corrosion resistance is required.

Typical Application
> Rotary and reciprocating plant in the food processing, pharmaceutical, special chemicals, and pulp and paper sectors.
> It is particularly recommended for sugar and chocolate processing, and fine paper production.

Prime Features
> Clean, non-contaminating and graphite free
> Long maintenance free service life
>Without shaft wear and leakage
> Superior performance

Technical Data

Material 100% Pure PTFE yarn
Temperature Range -150 up to +260 oC
Rotating 15 bar
Reciprocating 100 bar
Static 150 bar
Shaft Speed 2m/s
PH 0~14
Density 1.3g/cm3