Market opportunities and revenue potentials for Polypropylene pipes and fittings

Water is essential for everybody. In home or workplace we need durable and high temperature resistant pipelines for water supply. Also for:

  • An architect who draw the house plans.
  • Structural engineer who designs the overall internal structure of the house or building.
  • Construction managers that plan, coordinate the budget intended for construction projects.
  • Homeowners who’s looking for durable pipes and fittings to repair and replace leaking water pipes.
  • Newly married couple who plan to build a home.
  • Building contractors that negotiate each clients to close the deal.

It is important to know the difference between common g.i. pipe to PPR pipe and fitting system.

  • G.i pipe is made of steel while PPR pipe is made of pvc material. PVC plastic is better because it is food grade and safe for water system installation.  And has been a popular option because it’s cheap and easy to install, and won’t rust or corrode.

PPR pipe can be used for both cold and hot water system, drinking manufacturing and conveying system and other industrial and agricultural pipelines. It has a high temperature, high pressure resistance and non-toxic.

Hardware store owners should sell PPR pipes. Because of its light weight, its easy to be picked up and transport. PPR pipes also has  consistent stream of buyers.

For Cebu Microasia Marketing, there is no minimum order required.  We can assure revenue potential because of the high market demand due to improving economy. All accessories like ppr socket, ppr elbow, ppr equal tee, ppr reducer etc. are also available.

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